What is Pioneer Day?

Thanking the Community

Pioneer Day 2022 marks the 92nd anniversary of our Community's greatest celebration. Many places have a day with a parade and some type of festivities centered upon a local crop, product or historical event. Our Pioneer Day is unique in both why it occurs and the way it occurs. It should also be noted that while many other communities have unfortunately seen their local events grossly commercialized, or sadly discontinued; ours continues to occur almost as it was originally intended.

The first Pioneer Day was held on October 12, 1931. It was organized
by community volunteers working with generous donations of time,
materials and money from individuals, businesses, churches and
service organizations. Their goal was to provide a day of community
friendship and a commemoration of the heritage of the Paso Robles
area. It would also become a day set aside to say "Thank You" to all
of the people who support the business and professional community
of the area throughout the year. Most businesses closed so that their employees could enjoy and participate in the activities and family reunions. There were to be no charges for any of the events, no commercial concessions and lunch would be provided at no cost. 

It's Unique... THE WHOLE DAY IS FREE and entirely funded by the business people and dedicated citizens of our area who say: "Leave Your Pocketbook at Home" Come, celebrate in friendship!

See you on October 8th!

Pioneer Day Committee

Supporters & Sponsors

The faces behind the scenes that make it all happen

The parade and related festivities wouldn't take place without our dedicated board of directors and Pioneer Day Committee officers.



Tammi Bertoni

Robbie Boneso

Ashely Boneso

Justin Brush
Steve Hansen

Travis Hansen 
Sarah Kramer

David Lundy 

Tom Madden

Shan McCornack

Mark Perry

Scott Reneau

Karen Roden

Les Stemper

Wade Taylor

Tara Tedeschi

Fran Tognazzini

Karli Twisselman

Debbie Vandergon

Paul Viborg

Margaret Wicks

Lori Woods

Tami Smith (Bertoni)

Emily Brush

Zach Taylor

Andy Brown

2022-2023 OFFICERS

Chairman: Margaret Wicks
Vice-Chairman: Lori Woods
Corresponding Secretary: Ashley Boneso
Treasurer: Fran Tognazzini
Publicity Director: Karli Twisselman 
Immediate Past Chair: Les Stemper
Past Chairman: Paul Viborg
Past Chairman: Tom Madden
Past Chairman: Mark Perry
Past Chairman: Wady Taylor


Tom Flynn Sr.

Bob Tullock

Dottie Reiff

Noram Moye

Maggie Vandergon

A Sincere Thank You To:

View a complete listing of all of our
2018 supporters and sponsors here.

Thank You BeerFest Sponsors

Borjon Auto Center Paso Robles & King City
Farm Credit West | Boelter Beverage | AMMCG
Heritage Oaks Bank | IQMS | Brewery Branding Company
High Street Logistics | GEA | Pacific Packaging Systems, Inc
Glenn Burdette | Caliber Accounting & Tax, LLP
Pacific Coast Well Drilling | Paso Robles Waste & Recycle
Remax Parkside Real Estate | Boneso Brothers
Viborg Sand & Gravel | California Mid-State Fair
Glacier Ice Company, San Luis Obispo | Joe's Place
BSG Craft Brewing | Kings Oil Tools Inc.
Central Coast Propane | All About Events | Umpqua Bank
Propaganda 3 | Hop On Beer Tours | TheFullPint.com
Purtoniq | Paso Robles Safe & Lock | MGE Underground
Butlerz Events | Clavo Cellars | Cal Coast Machinery
Kleen Canteen | Mission Linen Supply

The Tractor Crew

A heartfelt thanks to the many members of the Tractor Crew for their countless hours of hard work and untiring dedication.

In Addition Thanks To:

Dave Skinner Photography 

A special thanks to Dave Skinner Photography for allowing us to use many of his photos on this site.  You can visit his website for many more photos and information on historic Paso Robles by clicking here.

The City of Paso Robles
Special Event Liaison Freda Berman

Donations are accepted with thanks and pleasure

We are a 501 (C)(3) Non-profit organization 
Fed ID # 95-6097022

The Bean Crew
Volunteers from the Paso Robles Lions Club start cooking beans at 6 a.m. in 12 kettles; six 100-gallon kettles and six 53-gallon kettles that were taken from a whaling ship. The recipe includes roughly 1,200 pounds of beans, 500 pounds of beef, 100 pounds of bell peppers, a pinch of seasoning (35 pounds) - a dash of salt (40 pounds) - and a lot of water!

The Wagon Restoration Crew
The above before and after photos show a farm wagon restoration project completed by the Central Coast Woodworkers Association. This project was headed up by Jerry Sprouse and Keith Williams in conjunction with the Pioneer Day Committee and the Pioneer Museum. What a masterful job!